Baptiste Letellier  Chairman 2018-19

Let’s introduce our 2018-2019 chairman !

  • Name: Letellier, Baptiste Letellier
  • Your position at Doctoneuro: President
  • Your academic path: Primary school in Euroise (27), then middle school and high school, with a major in biology and a music option at Evreux (27). A DUT (University Diploma of Technology) in biology in Caen and a neuroscience master in Strasbourg.
    And now: a doctorate in neuroscience at the INCI and engineer at Theranexus studying a new therapeutic combination for the treatment of neuropathic pain (preclinic work).
  • What brought you here, in biology and more specifically neuroscience? 

At first, it was a passion for the physiology of important functions, the mechanics of organs, the desire to understand and observe how all of these ensembles function together and how they develop with evolution. Then, after an internship working on neurodevelopment in the cuttlefish in Caen, my passion for the brain started: to understand its mysteries and its complexity, that make us human… and mostly to help in the development of new therapeutic strategies (be they drug-related or not).

  • What would you like to do later and why? 

I would like to take advantage of my education to try and work towards my goal, and use the different scientific and transversal skills acquired during my thesis

  • What made you want to participate in Doctoneuro?

I started participating in the collective’s activities as a neo-Strasbourgeois, to discover the city and its people, by helping with the Telethon and the traditional sale of Neuronele. I then participated in the scientific vulgarization Theatre project co-organized with Neurex. As time went by, I started implicating myself in all the collective’s projects, from scientific animation, to cohesion, as a helping hand but also in the organization aspect. It stuck! That’s why we wanted to create the association, with official statutes, a treasury etc, allowing us to be independent and free to create movement in our community of young researchers in neuroscience.

  • What are your objectives as president of Doctoneuro?

I would like to continue with our projects, to try and convey the values of the association to the neuroscience students and have it stay adapted to their needs and environment. The immediate objectives are to find storage space for our pedagogical material, to consolidate our Alumni network and to facilitate communication between PhD students from different labs and institutes.

  • Any last words or advice you would like to give Master students joining the community, or other PhD students?

Don’t hesitate to contact PhD students in the community, if you have any questions, they are a great resource! ;)